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autumn wind contemporary original abstract art acrylic painting for sale

803  Autumn wind

122x122cm / 48x48in, acrylic / canvas, self-framed

Not to scale

Abstract contemporary original art painting inspired by Autumn colours and wind movements.

Natural Autumn leaf colours: burnt oranges, rusty reds, yellows and tired greens all over. 
Harmonies, contrasts, counterpoints and accents.  Small dashes, dots and strokes
create a vibrant colourful image, energized decorative and full of movement.

Swirling air currents, gusty wind torrents, breezy rustling in the bushes.
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natural, Autumn leaf, burnt oranges, rusty reds, yellows, greens, harmonies, contrasts, counterpoints, accents, dashes, dots, strokes, vibrant, colourful image, energized, decorative, swirling air currents, gusty wind, torrents, movement, original