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Welcome to my art

This online gallery has a  wide range of contemporary original landscape and seascape paintings, abstracts, flower paintings, modern three dimensional sculptures and bas-reliefs, also minimalist art, geometric designs and affordable acrylic works on paper.

In my art practice the emphasis is on celebrating the beauty of Nature.


I tend to explore the different aspects of artistic creativity rather than produce technically perfect realistic reproductions of what the eye sees.

You will  find the artworks on show are happy,  optimistic, decorative and spiritually uplifting.  Feel free to comment on my creations and contact me and arrange a visit to my studio gallery.

Art related matters on this website

BIOGRAPHY  I started painting in 1970 while practising as a Chartered Architect.  I have exhibited in various group and solo shows ever since.  I retired from Architecture in 1997 to paint and sculpt full time, read more...  about me the artist and my work

MY PHILOSOPHY  As a professional artist, I am driven obsessively to create artworks which celebrate the beauty of Nature, nourish the human spirit, and provide enjoyment, stimulation and a touch of magic in people's lives, see about my approach to creativity

INFLUENCES  Famous international artists I most admire include Cezanne, van Gogh, Klee, Picasso, Pollock, Monet, Kandinsky and Turner.  Generally, I just love the post impressionists, abstract expressionists and Indigenous Australian aboriginal artists ... 
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GUESTBOOK  "Your paintings arrived undamaged and it was a revelation how much better they look 'in the flesh' as compared to the images on your website.  We are most happy with the 3 paintings purchased. We also would like to compliment you on your professional approach and organising the speedy delivery ..."  read more guestbook entries and testimonials

VINTAGE PAINTINGS FROM THE ARCHIVES  I recently scanned some slides of my paintings from the seventies.  Most of them sold or given to friends as gifts.  See these images


CHARITIES  To date I have donated many of my art works to my favourite charities, including four paintings to Jeans for Genes Charity Art Auctions - in support of the Children's Medical Research Institute in Sydney.  I always welcome requests of donating paintings to worthy causes.  This is one way to repay my debt to society and to help others less fortunate than me.

FREE OFFER  Purchasers who spend $500 or more may choose a free copy of a music DVD featuring images of my artworks on the covers.  Twenty eight of these DVDs have been released by Opus Arte (an arm of the BBC) which feature Australian Opera productions filmed for television in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation...  opera and ballet DVDs

SELECTING AND PLACING ARTWORKS professional advice provided - DOs and DON'Ts tips

QUOTATIONS  "Abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed after a while you may like it or you may not." - Jackson Pollock
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EXAMPLES of subject matters in this web include: contemporary and abstract seascapes, abstract landscape paintings, minimalist paintings, abstract art, contemporary landscape artists, famous artists, famous paintings, using recycled materials, abstract art paintings, beach paintings and famous painters and also professional visual artists.

For more paintings see also my other web Gerzabek Artist Gallery

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